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Private Mentoring Program

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For some of you, no matter how many books you read, webinars you watch, and seminars you attend, it’s just doesn’t work.  You haven’t bought any properties and you’re frustrated.  You need special attention.  You need someone to help you get started, help you find deals and help you obtain financing.  If you’re into “fix and flip,” you need help finding houses to flip, structuring the deals, finding and hiring general contractors and sub-contractors, rehabbing the houses, and flipping the houses quickly.  If you’re into “buy and hold,” you need help finding rental properties, obtaining financing, finding tenants, and learning how to manage properly.  Well, listen-up, I’ve got just the program for you.  

It’s my extra-special, super-duper, world-famous Private Mentoring Program.  Everyone needs a mentor, even me.  (I could never have succeeded as a real estate investor and writer without the help and support of a mentor.)  Well, now it’s my turn to mentor you.  If you’re serious about real estate investing and know you need help in getting over the hump of buying your first property, here is an incredible opportunity.

My intensive Mentoring Program includes private weekly meetings, conference calls, field trips, and unlimited telephone and email consultations.  Best of all, we will have only one goal – for you to buy at least one house (if not several) within the next 60-90 days!  Most importantly, we’ll focus on how to find deals, what makes a good deal, how to structure the deal, and how to obtain financing.

Most real estate gurus are based in other states where you call an 800 number and speak to a different person every time you call.  So frustrating!  That’s not mentoring.  In my Program, you only speak to me, no one else.  After all, when investing in Southern California, you want help from a local expert who will “hold your hand” and advise you on local conditions, laws, and customs.

I will be that Mentor for you.  I will teach you lessons about how to invest in Southern California real estate that you could never learn from any of those “gurus” or other television pitchmen.  After all, how many deals have they ever done in Los Angeles?  I have never heard any of them talk about even one.  Because of the changing nature of the market, many so-called programs have popped up that could cause you to lose money. (Yes, you can lose money in real estate). Everyone has an expensive coaching program to sell.  But do you even get to talk to the “guru,” or is it some hired person who knows just enough to get you into trouble.

So, if you want to achieve rapid results, you should be working with me.  The time is right now!  Are you ready?  If you’re serious about becoming  a successful real estate investor and know you need/want your own mentor, please email ( or call (310-792-6404), and let’s get started!   

“I joined the LAREIC mentoring program, learned how to get started right away, and I soon put a Covina property under contract for a good price using the paperwork I received in the coaching program.  Since there were a lot of unknown costs in the project, such as an old room addition with no sign of being permitted, I decided it’d be best to partner with a vet who would know how to deal with it all. When I called Lloyd, he was always accessible and willing to go through everything with me, first hand.  We worked together on figuring out what all the (true) fix-up costs were going to be.  Then with these figures and estimates, along with a letter he wrote, I went back to the seller to justify a price reduction.  He agreed to drop it another $40,000!  When the rehab was all done we made $87,274 in profit. It was hard work, but I learned a great deal – not only about real estate, but of business skills in general.  And I was well paid in doing it.  Thank you Lloyd!”                                                                                                                                                   Steve W
                                                                                                                                                  Downey CA


  Mentoring Schedule

(schedule can be re-arranged based upon your priorities) 

First Month. 

How to Find Deals. During your first month, we will explore the various methods of finding deals.  With inventories low, we must utilize non-traditional (as well as traditional) methods of finding properties for sale.  Frequently the best deals are with distressed owners whose houses are never listed on the MLS or offered for sale.  Let’s learn how to find these deals. 

 Second Month.

Evaluating Deals and Visiting Properties.  During your second month, we will start visiting various types of properties and evaluating whether they are good deals.  What if you find a house for sale, but it is not a good deal?  Or you find a great deal, but the seller is not cooperating?  We’ll explore each of these challenges.  What makes a good deal?  Why is the owner selling? What is the interior and exterior condition of the house? Meeting face-to-face with owners and learning what to say is also crucial.

 Third Month. 

Structuring your Deals.  During your third month, we will begin structuring your deals.  There are many different ways to structure the acquisition of a property and many different methods to provide the financing.  We’ll explore each of the methods.  Real Estate deals are win/win propositions.  You want to buy the property for as little as possible and the seller wants to sell for as much as possible.  But what else does the seller need to accomplish?  Solving the seller’s needs will lead to your success as an investor. 

 Fourth Month. 

Submitting Offers.  As the adages goes, you will never buy a house if you never submit an offer.  In other words, you need to “Take Action,” which in this context means submitting offers, lots of offers!  But which forms do you use, which clauses do you use, which terms and conditions are applicable, and how do you deliver your offer to the seller?  We’ll explore all of these crucial issues during the fourth month.  

 Fifth Month. 

Negotiating Offers and Counter-Offers.  During your fifth month, we will learn how to negotiate with sellers regarding offers and counter-offers. Your offer may be very close or far off, so now is the time to fine tune your offer to meet the needs of the seller.  Similarly, learning how to handle counter-offers and the needs of the seller are also crucial to your success. 

 Sixth Month. 

Opening and Closing Escrow.  During your sixth month, we will explore escrow, title insurance, inspections, and all of the other crucial steps to a successful closing.  You will need to learn how to work closely with your escrow officer, house inspectors, and title officers.  You have 30 days (or less) to complete all of the inspections, obtain acceptable financing, and sign all of the escrow documents.  

  Seventh Month.

Wholesaling.  During your seventh month, we will learn how to wholesale properties.  In other words, once you have the property under contract and in escrow, you may prefer to simply “assign” your contract to another investor rather than buying the property yourself.  How do you structure the transaction, how to you get the seller to agree, and most importantly how to find your new buyer (“assignee”) will all be explored during the seventh month. 

 Eighth Month.

Advanced Deal Structuring.  During your eighth month, we will delve deeper into structuring deals.  At this stage, positive equity versus negative equity becomes important, as well as seller- financing, lease options, and subject-to structuring. Joint ventures, limited partnerships, and limited liability companies will also be analyzed. 

 Ninth Month.

Buying Foreclosures, Probates, and Bankruptcy Properties.  During your ninth month, we will learn how to find, finance, and buy foreclosure, probate, and bankruptcy properties.  These strategies are more complex, involve more moving parts, and sometimes require the approval of courts and/or trustees.  

 Tenth Month. 

Buy and Hold Strategies.  Generally during an up-trending market you want to fix and flip, while during a down-trending market you want to buy and hold.  So during the tenth month, we will evaluate buy and hold strategies that you can utilize to purchase properties.  You will learn how to analyze cash flow and select those properties that are easiest to manage and increase value.

 Eleventh Month

Fix and Flip Strategies.  As noted above, during an up-trending market, you can fix and flip houses with great success.  So during your eleventh month, we will explore how to find, finance, fix and flip houses.  At this stage, learning how to hire contractors, renovate a house to maximize market value, and calculate after-repaired value become crucial to your success. 

 Twelve Month. 

Buying Multi-Residential and Commercial Properties.  By our final month together, you should be regularly buying and selling properties.  So we will broaden your horizons by exploring investing in multi-residential and commercial properties.  These properties offer higher appreciation but require more capital expenditures, and management skills.  

As stated above, this is a “tentative” schedule for mentoring.  Keep in mind, this schedule can be re-arranged and “customized” based upon your priorities and preferences.



How My Mentoring Program Works:

Because I am deep in the trenches doing deals myself, I am the local expert on what is going on in L.A. real estate. I have totally re-done my  Mentoring Program to focus on what is working RIGHT NOW!!!! Through much experience, I have learned how to BEST deliver mentoring to my students. Unlike many other Mentors, I have no desire to string you along for months and months.  My program is month-to-month.  In other words, you no long term committments or expenses.  You can stop whenever yu want.  My mentoring and consulting is very time efficient and will make the best use of your time.  My goal is to get you up and running as a successful real estate investor as quickly as possible.  If you want to achieve rapid results, we should be working together.  My Mentoring Program consists of intensive sessions that are held on different days.  I don’t hold anything back.  I share ALL of my success secrets with you. There are great deals available RIGHT NOW, but you may not be able to recognize them at first glance.  I will give you “x-ray vision” to be able to see through the surface and quickly figure out what is going on inside a deal.  Is it worth doing or not?  Things change rapidly in today’s real estate world and you can’t rely on yesterday’s news.  As you know, knowledge is power.  As a student in my Mentoring Program, I will give you so much knowledge you will feel like Superman or Superwoman.  Most important of all, you will become a successful real estate investor.

“Another great meeting last Saturday on wholesaling!  I’ve learned so much in your private mentoring program.  The most significant aspect for me is gaining an understanding of the fluidity of the real estate market and the need to constantly reassess strategy based on changing market conditions. Throughout the year, you’ve showed me in real time what is going on and how to adapt. Thank you so much.

                                                                                                                      Joyce Chamberlain
                                                                                                                      Los Angeles, CA                            

This is not the time to be uninformed. Without this knowledge, you will end up, like so many others who email me, with high-priced deals, negative cash flow deals, low-potential deals, or worse, houses you can’t flip.  My Mentoring Program could literally save you from $10,000 to more than $50,000 by avoiding bad deals or overpriced deals!  Plus, my program can help you make an extra $10,000 to $50,000 or more by showing you how to find and take advantage of the best deals available today!


Learn How To Negotiate The Best Deals

Guess What?  The best deals don’t just fall into your lap.  The best deals are not advertised in the local newspaper or some website.  If they are advertised, you don’t get the “best deal” unless you negotiate with the seller.

“After our first meeting, I went right to work looking for deals in the methods outlined during my mentoring.  I found a deal on under For Sale by Owner. I consulted Lloyd and he confirmed I had a Deal! Using his negotiation tactics, I proposed a Subject-To Deal and got the seller to agree to accept less cash up front.  I’m opening escrow today and plan to close within the next week or so. I’m already looking for the next deal!”

                                                                                                                     Cliff Biddy
                                                                                                                     Long Beach, CA





Think you can’t negotiate in this market?  Think you can’t find houses to buy?  Think you can’t get your deal financed?  Think again! Dozens of deals are negotiated every day! Dozens of houses are purchased every month.  Dozens of deals get financed by private lenders and institutional lenders.  Don’t know how to find deals, don’t how to negotiate a good deal? Don’t know where to get your deal financed?  That’s where my Mentorship Program comes in.  I make it easy. 


Do you know how to deal with Realtors and lenders?

These skills are the secret to success today.  As part of my Mentoring Program, I will also show you “insider’s secrets” of how to use contracts that favor you when you are the buyer and when you are the seller (you don’t use the same one for all situations).  I have done an exhaustive study about how to get financing and will guide you into how to fund your deals. This part of my program could save you thousands of dollars in legal fees!  To guarantee you master the skills I will share with you, I will give you some skill-building homework. (Don’t worry, it is fun homework.) You will get to call some sellers without the fear of rejection!  Through this practice, you will truly master the powerful techniques I teach.

Advanced Deal Making
In our second intensive session, we will cover Advanced Deal-Making.  In addition, you can call, email, text, or meet with me to discuss potential deals.  I am here to help you and there is no additional charge for this valuable service.  This bonus ALONE is many times the investment in my coaching program. One tiny error in judgement can cost you many thousands of dollars and sour you forever towards the money-making possibilities that real estate holds.  If you are serious about becoming a successful real estate investor, this is the Mentoring Program you have been waiting for.

“Lloyd’s Mentoring Program is a great investment because not only does he share his years of experience in almost every facet of residential real estate investing but he continues to have a vested interest in providing past students everything they need to be successful for years afterwards.”

                                                                                                                                     Deborah Razo 



“Most ‘mentors’ want your money and after their ‘6 months of e-mail support’ is over, they disappear.
I took Lloyd’s program and after one year he is still working with me, helping me, and providing me
with tools I need in order to be successful.  That says a lot.”

                                                                                                                    Michael Dembar
                                                                                                                    Costa Mesa, CA


Because inspecting and evaluating properties is so important in today’s rapidly changing market, I have added a field trip to the Mentoring Program.  Students will accompany me when I go out to see potential deals.  Learn what criteria I use in choosing properties and how to determine true market price when there has not been a sale in months. Learn what to fix and quickly determining ballpark costs without calling in a contractor.


“Lloyd, I want to sincerely thank you for your mentoring.  You ahve changed my life forver!  After I met with you for the initial mentoring session earlier this year, within 30 days I came across my first deal.  It was a family going through a divorce who was also in foreclosure.  With your help, we decided that the best option was to help them sell their house to me before their auction date. 

Well, escrow closed the same week as the property was supposed to be  auctioned!  I made about $8,000; what a success!  Since then I have come across two other opportunities in which the people are in distressed situations.  I am now both of properties!  Thank you for your time.   Mentoring with you has jump started my career as a real estate investor.”

                                                                                                                   Jimmy Hooper
                                                                                                                   Rosemead, CA



Besides finding and reviewing potential deals, we put you through an extensive role-playing exercise. We go over more advanced paperwork so that you understand how to fill out all the real estate forms you need.


Included with mentoring:

  • Gold Membership – Join this elite small group at our 12 extra meetings. $497.00 value.
  • Access to special lead software to specific lists including people who are late but not in foreclosure.
  • Access to free, reliable CoreLogic comparative sales reports.  This benefit alone can easily save you hundreds of dollars when working to establish property values for your prospect properties over the course of the year.
  • Access to services such as “skip trace” programs to track down hard to find property owners of vacant houses.


The Financial Investment is Minimal

What will it cost you to do nothing?  Or worse – What could it cost you to make a mistake?  The techniques and strategies I share with you could help you save $10,000 to $50,000 or more on your next purchase – plus you will learn how to make an extra $10,000 to $100,000 or more on your next few deals.  And remember, you can deduct this from your taxes as an educational expense!

“Thank you for all of your mentoring and consultation in my learning process.  You have made the learning process, especially on the documentation side, very smooth and simple.  Also, your advice and prompt responses to all of my many questions has been second to none! I truly appreciate all of your efforts and patience, it is allowing me to make huge strides in improving both my knowledge and my pocketbook!”

                                                                                                              Robert Melnick 
                                                                                                              Pasadena, CA


Take Action Now

In this world there are “dreamers” and there are “doers.”  Do you just want to “dream” of becoming a successful real estate investor or do you really want to do it?  Many people suffer from “paralysis of analysis.”  They read books about real estate investing, they listen to CDs, podcasts, and they go to endless seminars.  But they never do it and so they never become wealthy!  With me as your Mentor, you will take action!  In fact, start by writing those words down on paper: TAKE ACTION.  You listen to me and you can’t lose.  Plus, I will help you evaluate every deal you come across. This will take all the fear out of real estate investing.  If you want to work with me, you must take action NOW.  I can only take three students per month. So, if you are serious about becoming a successful real estate investor, take action now while I can still help you.

Call my office at 310-792-6404

Your Success Coach, Lloyd Segal



“I want to thank Lloyd for the knowledge and confidence he has given me to go out and pursue deals in the LA area (when everyone else around me has said it is impossible to finds deals in this market).  It is invaluable as a beginning investor to be able to tap his extensive knowledge and creative problem-solving abilities with a quick phone call.  It was in fact his quick response to questions I had on a time-sensitive deal that made it possible for me to close my first deal for a nifty profit.  Prior to working with Lloyd, I had spent a year attempting to get my real estate investing off the ground without a deal.  But since working with Lloyd, I have already closed one deal and am working on closing my second next week.  I know going forward that I will be a more successful investor having Lloyd on my real estate investing team.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Samantha Nelson
                                                                                                                                       Los Angeles, CA

“If you do in this new year what most people won’t,

in the next ten years you will be able to do what most people can’t.” 


What To Do Next…

Still with me?  Good!  If you are ready to move forward, if you are truly motivated to reach your full potential, if you have that burning passion to succeed and make your financial future solid, then call me now to get started!

At this time, I am only working with a limited number of students, and I only consider working with people whom I feel are motivated to change their life.  I do not want seminar junkies or excuse-makers!  I only want people that are ready to make deals.

Don’t let a more ambitious person take your spot – sign up for my program right now!

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