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alternatete text   alternatete text This is a more intimate setting for those who want to further their real estate education in a “mastermind” setting that is limited to a few people. These are not people who are going to be scared off by dismal news and statistics. These are people who know that money can be made in any market, boom or bust. They also know that the best education comes about when you have the opportunity to get together with other like minded people who are really serious about becoming real estate millionaires. These are not the “hangers on” who only show up when there is a free event. These are not the people who think that they can succeed on their own without investing any money in themselves. As we love to say, “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance!” Ignorance will surely get you into trouble or worse yet, get you nowhere fast because you are too nervous to do anything on your own. The best chance for success is to meet and share ideas with people who are real doers!!

Here are some of the features included in our Gold Membership package:


1. All of these benefits and more

             -Free attendance in LAREIC events

             -Recorded calls with local experts

             -Rehab materials discounts through Community Buying Group

             -Discounts on Saturday trainings

             -Special audio on How to Talk to Sellers   

             -Special video on how to get more money by lease optioning your property

             -Special video on on Getting A House Ready To Sell  

             -Over 150 Real Estate Investing Training Articles

             -Our Training Videos Channel

             -Glossary of Real Estate Terms

             -Special video by Bill Bronchick Esq. on How Dodd Frank affects you.

             -Bill Bronchick Esq’s CA Legal Forms

             -Bill Bronchick Esq’s Asset Protection article


 2. Private dinner and networking session with our elite speaker, before each general meeting.

Gold members get to mingle with other gold members and have the chance to have personal dinner with the speaker of the night,.  This is invaluable because you can ask your own personal questions. It’s amazing the “pearls” we pick up. This is networking at its best. You may have a deal and need a money partner. Or, you may have money and no time. A small group setting is the best place to connect with each other.

3. Monthly Gold Members Only exclusive classes and training.

We know a lot of knowledgeable people who are willing to share their expertise, but are not really professional speakers. They have a lot of valuable information to share. Each month we will have someone meet with us about the hot topics of the day. In fact, you will select the topics that are most interesting to you. With a small group, it is easy to ask questions and get personal attention. Keep on the cutting edge of rapidly changing events. We have had a short sale expert, a probate expert, a mortgage expert, title expert,  a code expert, a bankruptcy expert, and other people you should have on your team.

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These meetings are invaluable because you get to hear about what others are doing and what works and what doesn’t work. With the market changing so rapidly you don’t want to miss an opportunity to be caught up on what is happening at that moment.

 4. Discounts on real estate related services.

 Our vendors are offering gold members a discount on their services. These people are important to your team.

 5.  First access to deals

Gold members will get first chance at deals, as well as access to the money. Here is your chance to get first crack at some really good deals without spending hours on your own and lots of marketing dollars. Anyone with a deal will be invited to present them to our gold members.

 6. Private 30-minute session with Lloyd.

Get a chance to pick his brain one-on-one to what are the best ways to make money in today’s market. These are filling up fast so make sure you book your chance to meet with a real expert in the LA market – someone who is actually in the trealternatete textnches doing it.         

7. Free entrance to Monthly Saturday Seminars

(with minor exceptions)

  Want to know how to tremendously speed up the process? 

Your best resource for real estate investing success is a group of other investors in your area who are already successful. In his book, “Think and Grow Rich,” Napoleon Hill spoke of the “Mastermind Group” necessary to achieve your success.

Become a gold member NOW and become part of this group of people who are serious about taking advantage of the real estate opportunities and using them to make more money than you ever dreamed.


This is the time for action:

Ask yourself how much it is already costing you in taking the time to sift through the seminar courses, making mistakes, hitting brick walls and getting discouraged talking to negative people.  Gold members are positive and will encourage you.

Do you want to really change your life or do you just want to talk about doing it?

 Invest in yourself so that you and your family will get the benefits



Make a commitment to financial excellence.






Gold Individual: (annually) $497 Single member



Gold Family: (annually) $597
Includes 1 additional member


 If you have been sitting on the sidelines waiting to get in,

make 2017 YOUR YEAR.

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